Crab-Infused Whiskey Shocks The Taste Buds While Working To Restore Local Ecosystems

crab bourbon

After hitching a ride from a European ship some 200 years ago, the green crab reached the shores of New England, and has been terrorizing the north east’s most susceptible ecosystems ever since.

Frequently cited as one of the world’s worst invasive species, the green crab spends its days plundering native species, damaging their surroundings, and competing for their food sources.

So, what to do!?

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, might as well eat ‘em! Or… in this case, drink ’em.

New Hampshire’s Crab Trapper Green Crab-Flavored Whiskey is a 4-year-old bourbon steeped in 90 pounds of green crab and seasoned with spices akin to a low-country boil.

The House of Tamworth distillery paired up with the University of New Hampshire’s NH Green Crab Project to create a “claw-some” whiskey that will satiate audacious taste buds and help the local fishing economy.

Bourbon Connoisseur Erin Petrey gives us the run down:

“When I finally uncorked it, the unmistakable scent of a fish market filled my nose. The nose was, unsurprisingly, crabby… it tasted like the boozy version of the water from a crab boil.”

She then thought it’d be a good idea to rip it as a shot…

“As a good Washingtonian, a tin of Old Bay was handy. I licked the side of my hand, sprinkled the spice, and had a lemon wedge at the ready. And then I began the usual ritual: lick, shoot, suck (and don’t throw up). It was not the worst shot I’ve ever had, but it was up there.

The burn lingered in the back of my throat and migrated into my chest while the crab flavor seemed to grow. I knew severe heartburn was imminent.”

As someone raised on crab broils along the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia, this whiskey is something I’m going to need to try…  though usually up for adventure, I don’t think I’d take this whiskey as a shooter.

The bottle ain’t cheap, coming in at $65, but considering the cause, I think it’s worth the try.

Here’s how it’s made:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock