Muscadine Bloodline’s New Single “Evinrudin'” Is A Straight Up JAM

Muscadine bloodline country music

Now that’s a COUNTRY song right there.

Muscadine Bloodline has been teasing this new single “Evinrudin'” all week long, and needless to say, I thought it had the potential of being their best work yet, and today is finally the day…

And boy, it’s lived up to the hype.

Muscadine Bloodline has always prided themselves as being one of the few independent groups in Nashville, that never has to answer to a major label, and has been able to put out whatever music they’ve wanted since day one.

This is why we love ’em so much. They’ve got twangers, honky-tonk heaters, tear in your beer songs, heartfelt sappy love songs, and just about everything in between… and it’s all good.

It’s a perfect mixture of, well, everything.

The duo out of Alabama is coming off their latest heater, “Me On You,” and that song barely beat out “Dispatch to 16th Ave.” as my favorite song of theirs, but “Evinrudin'” might’ve just taken the cake.

“Evinrudin'” sounds like a good ol’ fashioned, hard chargin’ country heater, filled with Gary and Charlie’s insanely good harmonies, those thick electric guitar riffs… the things just SLAPS.

Needless to say, Muscadine Bloodline is on fire right now, and it’s gonna take a hurricane the size of Texas to cool ’em down at this point.

Give it a listen:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock