Flatland Cavalry Paint A Beautiful Picture With New Single, “Mountain Song”

Flatland Cavalry country music
Fernando Garcia

Flatland Cavalry is BACK.

Last week, the band announced that they would be releasing both a fan and personal favorite, titled “Mountain Song,” and the day is finally here.

Now there’s one thing for certain about Flatland, and it’s that the compelling songwriting, and captivating voice of frontman Cleto Cordero, never misses. Fast, slow, boot stomper, heartbreaker… doesn’t matter. When the man sings, it’s just connects with the listener.

And if you aren’t too familiar, I highly suggest you watch some of their acoustic performances on YouTube, and you’ll quickly understand that there’s something personal within each song, without any bells and whistles.

And that’s what we get once again with “Mountain Song.”

The song is basically a message to nature, as front man Cleto Cordero speaks to the mountains, rivers, pines, and campfire, asking them to keep him company as he reminisces about his lover, praying that he sees her face once again some day.

It’s a gorgeous song with incredibly vivid songwriting, and it also perfectly spotlights every member in the band, putting major emphasis on acoustics, fiddle, electric guitar, and percussion, and it’ll have you wishing you were sitting by a campfire out in the woods alongside some of your best friends.

Not to mention, fall is right around the corner, so this just might be the campfire song of the year already.

Give it a listen:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock