Massive Bull Moose Sheds His Antler Right In Front Of Group Of Spectators In Wyoming

Moose shed antlers

Man, I love moose.

I mean, how could an outdoors lover not?

They are massive, growing antlers that can be 40-pounds sitting on their head with up to a 6-foot spread between the furthest points. All while being able to somehow travel through the woods with these massive pieces of bone attached to their heads.

On top of this, they are huge, weighing north of 1,500-pounds in some cases while sporting some of the tastiest meat that roams our lands freely.

If you have ever had the chance to watch a bull moose, you have to appreciate their greatness.

Each year moose shed their antlers during winter months to save energy during the harsher times. When they drop them depends on many factors like the winter conditions and food availability. They regrow them each summer to prepare for mating season where they will fight other bulls for the chance at a cow moose.

Every moose lover has a pastime called shed hunting. The great part about moose is they often drop them right in the open where its easy to find them. If you live in area with a high density of roads, you can often find them right on the roads.

Just because you can find them, doesn’t mean it’s a common thing to witness them shedding the antlers, let alone capture it all on video.

This family was watching a big boy just hanging out in Wyoming when he gave his head a quick shake and dropped one of his massive paddle antlers.

The people are in complete disbelief (clearly not too familiar with their moose anatomy).

I hope they got to grab the antler and take it home as a keepsake.

Nothing beats a good antler sitting on the shelf, especially one with a story behind it.

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