Zach Bryan Jams Out Unreleased Song “Fifth Of May” On The Tour Bus

Zach Bryan country music

What I would give to spend a day in Zach Bryan’s mind to see how he is able to come up with so many great songs in such a short period of time.

I mean, does he ever sleep?

For the last three months, he has been dropping new music left and right, giving his fans no indication of slowing down.

I mean, hell, he released another single, “Burn, Burn, Burn,” this week and then is cooking up some great stuff on the tour bus and releasing it on other platforms.

This week a video on TikTok surfaced of him singing an unreleased song, “Fifth Of May,” with his band on their tour bus.

The lyrics accompany the video, and man, I hope he releases this one on major streaming platforms.

Here’s a look at the chorus:

“Getting high’s easy,
Getting drunk’s fine
It’s the getting by that’ll get a soul down
So if you need me, know that I’m bleeding,
Somewhere alone in some coastal town…”

It has been stuck in my head since I first heard it, and I do not think it will be going anywhere soon.

This unreleased track hits all the elements that Bryan fans love. Great acoustics, a storyline in the lyrics, some banjo, fiddle, and his authentic raw vocals.

I will not complain one bit about how much music he has been putting out…I am here for it 100%.

At the end of the clip, they jam for a second, showing they are clearly having a horrible time on tour.

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