Young Billy Strings Ripping It Up In a Basement Is Still One Of My Favorite Videos On The Internet

Billy Strings Country music

I love a good home video… bonus points if it’s a home video from a musical genius.

We’re taking it back to young Billy Strings, pre-long hair Billy Strings, covering a few tunes in a basement. From somewhere in 2012, this is just old fashioned basement jam session.

I mean, wow… it just shows you the talent he has had since a young age.

Strings grew up in a small town called Ionia, Michigan, about 30 miles outside of Lansing. From a young age, music was a part of his life. His father was a guitar player, leading Strings to pick up a guitar for the first time at four. Together, they would jam in their house and at small bluegrass events.

He quickly began to turn heads with his natural talent for his age. That talent just grew with him.

Although Strings dabbled with metal and rock music in his teenage years, bluegrass held his heart. He quickly started playing around with sound to modernize his love for bluegrass so he could share these roots with a wide variety of people.

Now, you live under a rock if you don’t know who Billy Strings is. He is a music sensation.

This video of Strings shows his raw talent. He is sitting in a basement with a guitar and belting out these lyrics as his fingers slide effortlessly on the neck as he picks the acoustic.

As I’ve stated before, watching Strings play is watching a master at work.

“The Preacher and The Bear”

“Ain’t Nothing To Me” 

“Dust in a Baggie”

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