Two Bull Elk Lock Horns Right In Front Of The Trail Cam

A couple of animals eating grass

A front row seat.

This trail camera was clearly set up in a high action area to be capturing a beautiful buck and a pair of bull elk all in one spot.

It’s not uncommon for deer and elk to coexist. The use similar habitats and their feeding is just different enough that they can be in the same area most of the year without any competition between them occurring.

This buck wanted no part of the battle between these alpha males though. He knew his place and that he was much smaller and didn’t want the female they were chasing anyways.

The camera picks up right as a nice buck is seen sprinting away from the scene. Once you realize what’s about to go down, you understand why he bailed.

A nice bull elk moves into view and starts bugling for battle, and shortly thereafter, a bigger elk comes into view and the two go head-to-head. Eventually the larger one shows whose boss as the other one takes off running.

“A deer quickly runs away and you soon see why as two large elk square up and have a quick but intense battle. The sounds you hear are the cries of the elk while they are fighting.”

What a great surprise to have when you go to check the trail camera.

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