Lone Wolf Chases Down Herd Of Bighorn Sheep, Drags Slowest One Back Into The Forest

Nature can be one cruel beast.

Beautiful but cruel. Something like this is spectacular, rare and violent all in one.

A family was driving down the road in Alberta, Canada, near Banff National Park, when they came across a pack of bighorns running on the road with a wolf chasing behind them.

Grey wolves are an apex predator that can run in bursts up to 35 miles an hour. A bighorn can only get up to 20 miles an hour. Yes, they never really stood a chance and that game of chase.

Slowly but surely that wolf gains inch after inch of ground on them. The sheep at the end of the line could feel the wolf coming and cuts off to try and get away. The wolf follows and quickly takes it down for the count.

The mother in the car casually tells her kids what’s happening.

“He’s going in for the kill, guys.”

She ain’t wrong…

Well, I guess everyone needs to learn its nature at some point.

This is pretty crazy footage and something that is so rare to see especially on a road.

The wolf takes a second to catch its breath then hooks onto the sheep like its light work and drags up to the tree line. It stops for a quick bite then keeps on pulling it into the woods.

And just think… these are basically dogs.

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