Monster Great White Shark Crashes Through Diver’s Plastic Box In Insane Shark Week Video

Shark attack

Aw HELL no… I just got cold chills.

If you watched the movie Jaws at a young age, you’re more than likely traumatized in at least the slightest bit when it comes to stepping foot into the ocean.

Of course, I’m 24 now and my phobia of getting mauled by a shark has been long overcome, but if I saw a dorsal fin within 10 yards of me I’d probably just call it quits with the ocean forever.

However, videos like this are enough to have me shaking in my boots.

In a bone chilling Shark Week promo for Discovery Channel, we can see expert diver Jimi Partington inside what appears just to be a standard plexiglass kind of box, not the typical steel shark cage that divers typically use. Oh yeah, and there’s a massive, 15-20 foot Great White Shark swimming around underneath.

In the video, the guy is sitting in a glass box, as the Great White sniffs out his scent and makes its way up.

As he begins, the shark appears to be more interested in the fish surrounding the box, but then the Great White “deliberately” bumps into the box.

And then, all hell breaks loose…

Next thing you know, the massive creature makes a beeline straight for the box, breaking it into pieces with it’s powerful jaws. Jimi is left to helplessly defend himself him in the open waters, posturing up between the shark and what’s left of the box.

Lucky for Jimi, the shark is busy with a piece of the broken plexiglass box in its mouth and Jimi seems to make a swim for the boat.

Seriously, how much do these guys get paid for this?

Not enough, I can imagine.

The footage is part of a new film, Great White Open Ocean, produced by Jeff Kurr for  Discovery’s Shark Week.


Here’s more on the film as well as Shark Week from CNN:

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