Aaron Rodgers Goes Full Blown ‘Con Air’ Walking Into Training Camp… And Twitter Is Loving It

Aaron Rodgers

Considering Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in the midst of his hipster phase in life, (allegedly) dating girls like “Blu (Of Earth),” I was fully expecting the man to roll into camp barefoot wearing a beanie, circle sunglasses, a leather jacket, and skinny jeans.

But nah, he rolled in reppin’…

A wife beater, Wrangler jeans, and boots?

Lookin’ like redneck Fabio out here.

Seriously, he looks like he’s gearing up to play some two-hand touch football with Brett Favre and his dog in a Wrangler commercial, the complete opposite of what probably every other NFL fan was expecting. Either that, or he’s being cast for a role in Trailer Park Boys.

But perhaps the biggest (and best) comparison… Nic Cage in the glorious motion picture known as Con Air

Of course, Rodgers has never been one to go with the people’s popular opinion, so I guess the new get up isn’t all that surprising.

Nevertheless, it looks like the man is coming into camp ready to fuck some shit up.

If your favorite NFL team has Green Bay on the schedule, beware… I’m going with Aaron and the boys by a million.

Did I hear MVP?

And believe it or not, Twitter was actually loving it:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock