A Massive Wave Wipes Out A Picturesque Wedding In Hawaii

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This is TOUGH.

Once you reach your senior year of college and beyond, it feels like every other day you’re receiving a wedding invitation, from high school friends to college friends, and beyond.

And once you begin to see all your close friends getting married, you get a better idea of the absolute STRESS the bride and groom typically go through while planning the wedding (more so the bride, sorry ladies).

And after attending 1,427,643 weddings over the past three years, you realize that there is no perfect wedding.

Sure, the ceremony and reception can go incredibly well, but there’s always gonna be some tiny aspects that aren’t going to go exactly the way as it was initially planned.

With that being said, I’m sure this isn’t exactly what Dillon and Riley Murphy had in mind for their “perfect Hawaii wedding” here recently.

Video footage has gone viral of massive swells in the ocean, climbing over barriers and spraying the newlywed’s guests like they were standing in front of the log flume at your local amusement park, absolutely drenching guests, tables, and all of the other amenities at their ocean front wedding venue in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, giving the term “wedding crashers” a whole new meaning.

However, according to KHON2, the crazy event didn’t put a damper on the newlywed’s big day.

The two were aware a few days leading up to the wedding that Tropical Storm Darby could possibly put a damper on the saved date.

Dillon told the outlet:

“And we were kind of right at the moment where we were going to start moving a couple things and, yeah, this big wall basically just showed up. And luckily there was no food in any of the containers, the cake luckily made it.”

Riley also weighed in:

“And just the analogy of, you know, life and storms hit. And it’s just, it’s so important to come together and to have all of our family and our loved ones there and it just made it very special.”

Dillon also noted that the massive waves made for some damn good pictures:

“But we did end up getting some good pictures with like waves splashing up and the ceremony was beautiful.” 

Although the couple weren’t able to have a dancefloor, Riley said it didn’t put a damper on things at all:

“We didn’t have our dance floor, but nobody seemed to mind, at the end of the night we were all like dancing in the mud and it was amazing.”

Nevertheless, it’s good to see that the two are in great spirits about how their big day turned out.

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