A Georgia County Sheriff & Local Police Sergeant Nearly Brawl It Out During Traffic Stop: “Shut Your Mouth… You A F*ck Boy”

A police officer holding a car

This is a real life “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us” moment.

We’re talking about a County Sheriff and the City Police Sergeant getting ready to drop the gloves and brawl it out in the middle of a busy highway over a traffic stop.

Video footage has been released of Hiawassee, Georgia Police Sergeant Tracy James pulling over a man in a burgundy truck, who was allegedly driving recklessly through the city limits of Hiawassee before crossing the city line.

Although James is stern with the man for traveling at a high rate of speed and driving erratically, it appears to be just your average traffic stop.

However, shit hits the fan real quick, when County Sheriff Ken Henderson approaches the vehicle while James is handing the man his ticket.

Henderson asks the man in the truck if his violation occurred in the city or the county, and when the man said “county” (which of course is under the Sheriff’s office jurisdiction), James threatens to arrest the Sheriff for intruding on his traffic stop:

“You get on my traffic stop again, I’ll arrest you right now!”

Henderson gives it right back to him, telling James he’ll arrest him and he needs to:

“Shut your f*cking mouth!”

The two trade a few expletives, with Henderson telling James multiple times that he’s a:

“You f*ck boy… you a f*ck boy.”

Seems like some conduct unbecoming of an officer to me… but boy, was it entertaining.

After the expletives are thrown, James thanks Henderson multiple times before hopping in his patrol car.

Could you imagine how awkward this has to be for the guy in the truck? You have the big dawg Sheriff and a police sergeant about to whoop up on each other right in front of you.

Apparently, Sheriff Henderson has had issues with the city police in the past, as the footage states that the Sheriff has told his deputies that the police are their enemies.

Check it out:

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