Aaron Rodgers’ Alleged New Girlfriend, Blu (Of Earth), Says She “Does Not Identify As A Witch”

Aaron Rodgers Blu

Into the dark arts?

Last week, the Twitter world was shaken to its core with Aaron Rodgers’ obscure first tattoo that he shared on social media.

It looked like the kinda tattoo a barista at your local hipster coffee shop (who plays bass in a ska band at night) would have, and not necessarily one one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of our generation.

However, the air was cleared when it was revealed this his new ink had similarities to the ink his alleged new girlfriend has…

And his new girlfriend is “Blu (Of Earth),” or at least that’s what she calls herself on Instagram.

Needless to say, the strange new ink began to make much more sense, as Blu’s Instagram is exactly what you would expect all with captions that appear to be a deep search from within on what the true meaning of life is all about.

Hey, no judgement at all coming from my way, and it’s actually pretty cool to see a celebrity and star athlete like Aaron Rodgers in a relationship with somebody different. Your average athletes’ girlfriends look like they should be on Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition, or on the cover of Vogue magazine…

Although there were some INSANE rumors about Rodgers’ new girl, like how she practices witchcraft and all that nonsense, Blu was ready to clear the air on who she is now that her cover is blown, and she explained it all on her Instagram story.

She said as follows:

“Ps… My name is Blu. Not Blu of Earth. And I do NOT identify as a witch. Y’all are hilarious.”

Identify? Or practice? Sounds like could be two different things…

There is also no official confirmation that Rodgers and Blu are officially together, but what we do know is that the two follow each other on Instagram, and Rodgers follows her on Instagram, and of course the similarities in tattoos. They’ve also been on trips, and spotted hiking, together.

However, she does claim her job title is an “artist” and “medicine woman” and she is also the co-founder of a “modern mystery school for women to reclaim the magical, radically authentic, wise, wild, unapologetic you.”

Okay yeah, I see where the witchcraft rumors come from…

Nevertheless, there is one thing for certain about ol’ Blu… she’s unique:

Also… does anyone remember the episode of Boy Meets World when Jack starts dating a witch and is in denial the whole time?

I mean, I can’t help but laugh my ass off thinking about Aaron Rodgers in a shroud on Halloween…

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