Twitter Sounds Off After Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Unveils His First Ever Tattoo

Aaron Rodgers football
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers, whether you love him or hate him (because he’s just that kinda guy), has pretty much transformed into the hippie, yet still kind of mysteriously cool, older brother from a ’90s era sitcom.

He’s got the flow, the man bun, the acoustic guitar, the “chaaaaa” vibes, and everything in between.

There’s a reason why State Farm is even running with it now:

So naturally, you have to get a matching tattoo to go along with it, right?

Because that’s exactly what Rodgers has done.

Take a look at this, well, rather intriguing piece of artwork the Green Bay Packers quarterback now has on his forearm:

This looks like the kinda tattoo you would expect on the bass player for Third Eye Blind or something, not arguably the greatest quarterback of the past 15 years.

Nevertheless, Rodgers is just living his life how wants to without the care of anybody else’s opinion, as he should.

However, we can’t avoid the fact that the Twitter post led to some killer comments:

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