Brown Bear Plopping Down Into A Pool Is Further Proof That Bears Are Just “Guys Being Dudes”

A black and white animal in a pool

Aside from the fact that if you cross them the wrong way they can tear you apart limb by limb, I’m fully convinced that bears are just guys being dudes most of the time.

And the proof is in the pudding, as we see in this video of a brown bear out in Altadena, California.

A man videoed the bear from the safety of his back porch, as you can see the bear scoping out the backyard, scratching its back on a tree and wandering around and taking it all in.

Props to the guy videoing, because I would be freaking out watching this massive creature wandering around only a few feet from me.

Nevertheless, the bear doesn’t appear to impose a threat to anybody around, and it turns out, it was just wanting to cool off on a long hot summer day.

As the bear makes its way inside the fence, you can see it checking out the pool and testing out the water.

Sure enough, only a few seconds later the bear takes a plunge into the pool, and is just chilling out.

Also, take note of the dog that’s barking at the bear continuously throughout the video. This is also further proof that dogs aren’t scared of massive bears, as we’ve seen time and time again.

Check it out:

Brave Golden Retriever Pup Scares Off Alaskan Brown Bear

Contrary to popular belief, I’m fully convinced now that dogs aren’t scared of bears.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that some bears are absolutely mortified of dogs.

We recently shared footage of a seven-month-old dog that went toe to toe with a bear, eventually scaring it off.

With that being said, I was digging through the vaults and found this epic video of an 11-year-old golden retriever named Pretty, who was casually hanging out outside of the owner’s house, when a brown bear entered the Sitka, Alaska, residence at around 11:30 PM last year.

At first, you see Pretty begin to bark and wag his tale, noticing a stranger approaching in the distance. Sure enough, it was a massive brown bear trudging along, probably in search of some late night dinner.

You would think that a normal house pet like a golden retriever would simply tuck its tail and run away, but that’s not Pretty. He bucked up to the bear with nerves of steel.

The brown bear even attempted to take a swing at Pretty, but he lunged right back at it, and it was easy to see the bear didn’t want any piece of him at that point.

Make no mistake about it, had that bear chosen to attack the dog it would have been over quick as a golden retriever would be no match for the bear in an actual fight.

With this video being taken in August of last year, bears in the area are in a phase of hyperphagia, a pre-hibernation phase where bears are more active and hungry, which is likely the reason why this bear was willing to show up to a residential area in the first place.

Needless to say, Pretty’s owner was ecstatic to see the security footage of his heroic actions:

“We have lots of bears, though I’ve never  seen them engage this closely. Changing Pretty’s name to Legend! He’s always been a good bear dog.”

The owner also made a nod to the safety of the bear as well:

“This is their home too. So be respectful.”

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