Deer Crashes Through School Bus Windshield, Lands On Sleeping Kid, And Runs Out The Door

Deer bus crash

What in the hell goes through a deer’s mind all day?

It’s like they step out of the woods for a minute and lose complete control of their bodies, their brain, everything…

I even recall one time I was walking through campus of my college, when a rogue deer running around campus charged at me. She took a sharp left and ran straight through a window of the student center. I mean c’mon, it saw me but not the ginormous building right in front of it?

Well, the chronicles of deer doing stupid shit continues, as NBC 12 received footage of a deer running through a school bus windshield in Powhatan, Virginia.

As you can see in the video, the deer comes crashing through the windshield and lands on an innocent kid just trying to take a nap.

The bus driver asks:

“Did it land on you?”

The kid simply replies:

“Yes, I was trying to sleep.”

Brian Bartlett, who runs the transportation department for the school, commended the bus driver for his quick thinking:

“I was very proud of him. He stayed very calm, actually got the bus stopped. He turned the four-way flashers on in the middle of the deer being in the floor right next to him.

It could’ve come through and hit the driver. Here he is driving down the road. It could’ve knocked him unconscious…

I’ve seen turkeys come through the front windshields of trucks and things like that, but not a deer come through the front of a bus and land in the floor.”


Perhaps the wildest part of the video is that the deer manages to find its way out of the bus relatively quickly. The deer scrambles around for a few seconds, probably incredibly concussed, as the bus driver opens the door and it hops out, back on its merry way like nothing ever happened.

Typical day of a deer. Doing the 400-meter hurdles with cars all day long…

All in all, nobody was hurt, the deer got out, and the bus driver held it all together.

And the kid who got jumped on? All he was worried about was getting that power nap in before class…

And believe it or not, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Back in 2013, a deer came flying through the window of a public transit bus in Johnstown, Indiana.

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