Viral Kid Rock vs Bruce Springsteen Twitter Poll Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Bruce Springsteen, Kid Rock country music
Danny Clinch

It’s no secret that Kid Rock and Bruce Springsteen fall on opposite ends of the spectrum musically.

One was “Born to Run,” and one was “Born Free,” and although both of their mottos are about sticking it to “the man,” their “the man” happens to depend on whoever is leading the country from the White House.

For one, you have Kid Rock, who is as far-right, as conservative as it gets, and Springsteen, who is about as far-left liberal as possible (I think I’d rather see these guys get into a political debate instead of those actually running for office).

With that being said, a hilarious Twitter poll went viral earlier this year, and it’s as simple as this:

“Bruce Springsteen or Kid Rock”

Needless to say, Miss @AromaLady2 probably never envisioned the chaos, and crying and gnashing of teeth that would become of this simple question.

@AromaLady2 made her stance very clear in a follow up tweet:

“Putting politics aside, When I heard Bruce and his strained, almost in tune songs come on the radio… I changed the channel.”

Naturally, political warfare broke out across the Twitterverse, and boy was it a good time to kick back and eat some popcorn while watching this train wreck unfold.


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