Kid Rock Praises Johnny Depp For A Win Against Cancel Culture, Getting Paid Millions For Heard Dropping A “Dirty in Your Bed”

Johnny Depp, Kid Rock, Amber Heard posing for the camera

How in the world did I not see this Kid Rock reaction to the Johnny Depp VS Amber Heard trial in which Depp ultimately prevailed?

In one of his most recent tweets, Bob congratulated “General” Johnny with the following:

“Congrats General Johnny Depp! You have won a huge battle in the war against cancel culture!

Amber is paying you millions to basically let people hear she dropped a dirty in your bed! 💩😂

Keep on Kid Rockin’ in the free world. #MePoo – Kid Rock”

Take a look at that hashtag again, folks.

Whether it’s on Twitter, a music video, or a drunken stage rant – you never know what Kid Rock is going to say next. This case was so strangely captivating, it seemingly had every celebrity weighing in, taking a side, or in this case, creating a new hashtag.

Since the verdict, Depp’s lawyers hinted that he may not take the 10.4M payout, saying “this was never about the money,” but rather about Depp clearing his name.

Time will tell if Johnny returns to Pirates of the Caribbean with rumors of a massive deal swirling.

I have to end this with what may have been the most entertaining moment from the entire trial…

Amber Heard’s psychiatrist, Dr. David Spiegel, and his insane testimony.

Guys bein’ dudes.

Enough about poo, here’s a classic.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock