Eric Church & Michael Jordan Sip On A Little Tequila Together As The NASCAR Cup Series Comes To Nashville

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Just a couple of legends shootin’ tequila and watching a little NASCAR.

For those who aren’t too familiar, NBA legend Michael Jordan co-owns the 23XI racing team alongside Denny Hamlin, which fields a couple Cup Series in that of Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch.

On the other side, you have country music legend Eric Church, who has been very vocal about his love for NASCAR over the years of his career. Hell, the man has a song that’s solely about his love for racing, with “Talladega” off his 2014 The Outsiders album.

With that being said, both Jordan and Church were seen drinking Cincoro Tequila together in Music City, as NASCAR was in town yesterday for Cup Series race at Nashville Superspeedway. After some lightning and rain delays, Chase Elliott wound up taking the checkered flag at the Ally 400.

The 23XI racing team had a good bit to celebrate yesterday, with Kurt Busch finishing runner-up, and Bubba Wallace finishing 12th.

In addition to 23XI Racing, Jordan is also a co-owner of Cincoro Tequila. Of course, Jordan is also a UNC Tarheel, so you know there was some basketball talk going on yesterday.

Jordan is also a notorious gambler and you can see the deck of cards right there, ready to go.

Could you imagine? Hanging out in Nashville and bar hopping, only to find Michael Jordan and Eric Church getting absolutely rip-shit drunk off some tequila after a day on the racetrack?

Something tells me Chief and MJ didn’t venture out down Broadway, but nevertheless, two GOATS sippin’ tequila, watching NASCAR, playing a little cards… what a scene.

Eric shared the picture as well, thanking MJ for the hang:

“Enjoyed the fellowship and the libations. Go Heels.”

Dolly Parton Welcomes NASCAR To Nashville

Dolly Parton is officially welcoming race fans to Music City, as she’s featured in a new promotional video for today’s NASCAR Ally 400 Sprint Cup Series race (which they’ve cleverly been referring to as Nashcar).

The video features shots from inside the Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as footage from previous races this year with some of the sports most popular drivers, as Dolly talks a little bit about her own personal journey to Nashville and what it takes to make it there.

And if this doesn’t get ya fired up, I don’t know what will, as she said, in part:

“One of the things that kept driving me, you gotta get to Nashville, you gotta get to Nashville. ‘Cuz any stage in Nashville is a magical feeling, ‘cuz you know you’re standing on the stage where some of the greatest legends ever have stood.

You have to have a lot of faith in who you are, you have to have a lot of confidence in what you believe your gift is, and if you really are capable of thinking you can reach that dream, then you’ve got work it, you’ve to stay with it, you’ve got to be willing to sacrifice for it.

You really have to put those wings, and legs, and hands and fingers on your dream. Meaning you gotta get out there and do it. You got to make it happen, it ain’t just going to happen. Everybody wants to their best at what they think their gift is, and if you really have that burning desire, you feel like it’s your duty, it’s your job, to get out there and have it heard, have it seen.

I really think that’s what drives most people with a great talent, we burn with that desire to let people know we’ve got something that is magical. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Nashville!”

Make sure you take a minute to check out Dolly’s video:


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