Iowa Farm Kid Perfectly Breaks Down How Much Money Farmers Actually Make… And It’s Not Much

My God, I love this kid’s channel.

This is Cole The Cornstar.

Cole is part of a multi-generational farming family in Iowa and he might just have one of the most wholesome, entertaining and informative channels on all of YouTube.

He basically gives you an inside look at all the different aspects of the farming world, a business that most people don’t have an ounce of knowledge about, even though they rely on farmers to put food on their table every single day.

In this video (the one that hooked me) Cole breaks down the entire balance sheet for their 1,700 acre farm in Central Iowa. And with the average farmer having about 450 acres, 1,700 acres is nothing to scoff at.

I grew up with friends that had 3,000, 5,000 and even 10,000 acres… but 1,700 is a good size farm.

Long story short, Cole’s family makes a little over a million dollars a year on their crop sales, but when you factor in the operating costs, repair costs, fertilizer, insurance, property taxes, equipment, fuel consumption, drying, and this list goes on and on, you start to realize how much that million bucks completely disappears.

“Finances in farming is often a subject many are not willing to talk about. In this video, I shine a light on all of our expenses for our 1,700 acre farm in Central Iowa. I cover every aspect of income and expenses and produce actual numbers.

The goal of this video is to raise awareness and to educate. It is not designed as a pity video, so please, do not feel bad for us. The information is as personal as it gets and this video took me a long time to create.”

Imagine me, city dwelling (country-raised, though), internet blogger sitting on the roof of my Chicago apartment, watching this kid from middle of nowhere Iowa explain how farming works for hours and hours and hours…

Because after I watched this video, that’s exactly what happened…

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