Luke Combs Shares His ‘Mount Rushmore’ Of Artists, Is A BIG Elton John Guy

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Luke Combs has a brand new record, Growin’ Up, slated to drop this Friday.

And he stopped by Billboard to chat a little bit about it, spilling some more details on the forthcoming duet with Miranda Lambert that’s featured on the tracklist called “Outrunnin’ Your Memory” (which they co-wrote with Dan Isbell).

Luke and Dan had come up with the idea in a writing session with a different artist the day prior, and even though they didn’t finish the song that day, Luke brought the general idea of “when it rains in Seattle” to Miranda and she loved it right away:

“When me and Miranda were tossing song ideas back in forth, I ended up on this ‘When it rains in Seattle thing,’ and she was like, ‘I love that idea.'”

Then, when it came time to actually record the song in-studio, Luke knew they had no other option but to get Miranda in on the vocals, too:

“When we were going in the studio, I was like, ‘I gotta cut this song. It was never like, ‘Man, it’s gonna be this duet, and we’re gonna do this.’

It was like, ‘We gotta have her on this song, right? It’s too good, and she’s too good, not to do it.’”

They also got into a brief discussion about who would be on Luke’s ‘Mount Rushmore’ of artists, so to speak, and he dropped a couple names that might surprise you (and a couple that definitely won’t):

“For people that I feel like have influenced me, personally, I’ll try to make it easier on myself.

I would probably say Vince Gill would probably be up there for me, Eric Church would be up there for me, Elton John would probably be up there for me, there’s a lot.

Billy Joel would be in the conversation, for me for sure.”

Can’t say I necessarily pictured Luke as an Elton John guy, but I kinda love it.

And apparently, he’s a big fan of cats and really wants to work with Adele, too… sounds like we just need to get Luke, Adele and Ed Sheeran on a track together and just let them shatter every record on the Billboard charts.

You can check out the whole interview here:

And Luke’s most recent single, “The Kind Of Love We Make,” here:

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