Lonely Husband Goes Viral After He Reveals Hilarious List Of Reasons Why His Wife “Denies Sex”

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Although I can’t say I can relate to married couples, I can imagine the dirty deed isn’t done quite as much as the years roll on like they used to.

A busy work schedule, taking care of the kids, and all of the other necessities that are a part of marriage can result in a minimized sex life (acting like I’m a sex therapist over here).

Of course, this lack of sexual activity isn’t always brought on by both partners in the marriage, and needless to say, this one husband has had it up to HERE with his wife’s excuses to not do it.

In fact, he’s so frustrated, that he decided to take to TikTok to go public with the laundry list of reasons why his wife says “no” to sex.

And when I say “laundry list of reasons,” I mean, this bad boy is LONG. No doubt about it, she’s starting to get creative.

But before we light the torches on her, what are you doing in the bedroom, brother? Are you doing something in the marriage to extinguish the spark? It’s a two-way street my man.

User @joe_drae posted the video to TikTok, and boy, the list is quite extensive.

Here it is as follows:

-Did it last week

-I’m bloated

-Want to cuddle

-Bed was just made

-No energy

-Feel fat



-Back hurts


-I have gas 

-Your drunk

-Back is sore

-Mad at me

-Just washed bed

-Have headache

-Too early


-Got to get up early

-Too late


-Not in mood

-Its cold

-Its hot

-Pretend to be sleepin’ 

The Star Wars music and camera work just makes the whole thing…

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