Riley Green Is Dropping The Unreleased Fan-Favorite, “Miles On Main,” This Friday

This is NOT a drill…

Riley Green has a brand new song called “Miles On Main” coming this Friday, and I can’t WAIT.

I loved this one from the first time he played an acoustic rendition on his Golden Saw Music Hall series back in September (and teased it on Instagram prior to that), so this almost feels like waiting on Christmas morning.

Co-written with his friend and frequent collaborator Erik Dylan, Riley said on that episode of the Golden Saw that Erik called him one day a while back with the song title and he immediately fell in love with the whole idea:

“I’ve only played this song a time or two, I think. I like it. Erik, I think you kinda called me or FaceTimed me with this title.

And I fell in love with the idea of it. Fortunately, Erik is really good at knowing how to give me ideas that I would, A, like, and B, can just change a few things and call it my own.

That’s kinda what he did with this one. Killer song, and will you help me out with it a little bit? It’s called ‘Miles On Main.’”

As is pretty typical for him, it’s jam-packed with nostalgia and reverence for where he grew up and the way he was raised:

“We were puttin’ miles on main
Sweatin’ in the heat for a couple bucks 
To buy beer and gasoline
To put some miles on main
Back then we was all aboit gettin’ out
But now I’d give anything
To put a couple miles on main…”

And back in May, Riley released another new single, “Hell Of A Way To Go,” which makes me think this is all likely the beginning of a long-awaited sophomore record from the Alabama native.

He released his debut studio album, Different ‘Round Here, back in 2019, so I’d say we’re due for a new album any day now…

Riley posted the studio teaser of this new one on his Instagram earlier with a simple caption, confirming it’s out everywhere Friday:


And here’s the full, acoustic version from last year:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock