Wolverine Takes On Entire Pack Of Dogs, Doesn’t Even Break A Sweat

Run boys run.

Look, I don’t want to see a dog get mauled by the ferocious, yet elusive wolverine.

These fearless predators are willing to have ‘er out with just about anything that wants to have a fight. From a bear, wolf or even a couple wolves, the wolverine just doesn’t care.

Absolutely fearless.

So, naturally with this video I’m actually worried the wolverine will hurt someone’s poor dog. Clearly though, these aren’t your average dogs. With not a collar in sight, it would appear that these are stray dogs adapted to living in harsh winter conditions.

I mean, there’s still a few things they need to learn though. Like even though a wolverine is a third of one of their size, it will take more than six of them to even have a chance.

The video starts with a few dogs relaxing laying down and the wolverine staring them down. At first, the dogs seem uninterested and the wolverine sees the numbers difference and doesn’t feel up for the fight… yet.

All at once the dogs start eyeing up the wolverine and run over to it.

More dogs come running over as it gets more and more defensive.

Thankfully, the dogs are smart enough to know if they’re going to get this wolverine, it has to be the right attack, but as per usual, the wolverine has all-star level defense.

The six dogs circle the wolverine as it defends, keeping all of the dogs at a distance, and barely breaking a sweat doing it.

The dogs bark and try to gain a good position but finally, the wolverine jumps in its hole in the ground, and none of the dogs are stupid enough to try and engage when it’s in the hole.

The dogs realize this is a losing battle and scamper off to fight another day.

Just incredible footage.

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