Jon Pardi Thinks Koe Wetzel Gets Flashed More Than Any Other Country Artist: “I Guarantee He Sees The Most Boobs Out Of Everybody”

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The always funny Jon Pardi stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast recently, and if you haven’t listened yet, stop reading this now and go download the episode.

He talked everything from finishing his new album in Key West, his recent collaboration with Midland on “Longneck Way To Go,” the upside to a hangover and how he cures one, and during one of the funniest parts of the episode, he talked about time he recently got flashed on stage and missed it:

“Hell, I had girls flash me and I didn’t see it! I was like, ‘What? Boobs are out and I was lookin’ the other way?’

He laughed as he told the story, saying even his wife, Summer, asked him if he saw it and noting that his entire band had witnessed it, as well.

Then, the guys posed the obvious follow-up question, asking Jon which artist he thinks gets flashed the most.

Of course, a natural first suggestion was Riley Green, a well as the Midland guys (frontman Mark Wystrach used to be a Calvin Klein underwear model), which are all great answers and probably would be in the top 5 if we had some sort of official tracking system.

But Jon says there’s one Texas rockstar in particular that probably takes the cake…

“I would say Riley… Dude, I’m tellin’ you, Koe Wetzel. I’m pretty sure he sees boobs all the time.

Because I was at Billy Bob’s, and like they have the hands, concrete hands, and the girls can put on lipstick and kiss your hands. I have maybe, like, six.

Koe Wetzel was painted in lipsticks… I was like, ‘What the hell is goin’ on with this guy?’ He’s just, like, the second coming of Post Malone.

I guarantee he sees the most boobs out of everybody.”

And it’s really hard to argue with that.

If you’ve ever been to a live show and seen Koe perform in concert, then you know he usually leaves the venue with a mic stand almost tipping over because there’s so many bras strung around it…

Is it the “bad boy” persona, tattoos, and long dark hair that the ladies can’t get enough of? Maybe the sad, introspective songs that let us know he has true emotional intelligence and isn’t as rough and rowdy as he appears on the surface?

I’m not here to argue one way or another, but if you just do a quick read through the comments on this Instagram post, I think it’s pretty apparent Jon is 100% correct:

Jon also noted that what he likes so much about Koe is what most of us love about him… he’s as real as they come and does things his own way:

“He’s got his following, and he’s doing it. Like I said, to each his own. I mean, he has a little more wilder song topics… It’s like, he has the loops and everything, but people like it.

He’s doing something. When it comes back to artists  and their influences, what we like and with our music we make from our influences, that’s the most important part.”

For Jon, it all boils down to an artist staying true to themselves and making authentic, honest music:

“Whether it’s pop, whether it’s Koe, whether it’s me, it’s different… everybody’s just doing their thing, and that’s the most important part.

And then there’s people chasing that, and that’s where you don’t wanna be, I would say.”

Jon Pardi with the spot-on analysis… you love to see it.

And there’s plenty more laughs where that came from, so make sure you check out the whole episode with him here (the part about Koe starts around the 38:35 mark):

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