Midland And Jon Pardi Team Up For Beer-Soaked Music Video For Their Honky Tonk Heartbreaker, “Longneck Way To Go”

Ya simply can’t beat a beer-soaked honky tonk heartbreaker…

And Midland and Jon Pardi dropped a heater a couple weeks ago, “Longneck Way To Go,” which is all about drowning your sorrows and closing down the bar with several ice cold beers in-hand.

Yesterday, they dropped a brand new music video for the newest track from Midland’s upcoming The Last Resort: Greetings From, which finds them all slinging longnecks at the bowling alley and living their best life.

Jon noted previously that the song fits perfectly with his breezy Bakersfield sound style of country:

“There aren’t many groups – or artists – who love the same real hard kind of country. But Midland can go lick for lick, longneck for longneck or Haggard for Haggard – so when they asked if I wanted to come sing this with them, I was all in.

This is the kind of country that not only honors the past but remembers that California kind of country I was raised on.”

And according to Midland lead singer Mark Wystrach, the two artists had undeniable chemistry in the studio when they went into record the song, and I think it’s pretty apparent in the new video, as well:

“Jon knows his way around a rodeo and Bakersfield. He’s our kind of country. His voice cuts through a track like this; you know it’s him and you wanna sing along.

He’s perfect for ‘Longneck Way To Go.’”

Last Resort: Greetings From drops this Friday, May 6th.

The Last Resort: Greetings From Tracklist:

1. The Last Resort
2. If I Lived Here
3. Two To Two Step
4. Take Her Off Your Hands
5. Sunrise Tells The Story
6. And Then Some
7. Longneck Way To Go (Feat. Jon Pardi)
8. Life Ain’t Fair
9. King Of Saturday Night
10. Paycheck To Paycheck
11. Bury Me In Blue Jeans
12. Adios Cowboy

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock