Yellowstone’s Kelsey Asbille, AKA Monica Dutton, Says She’ll Be Rocking “A Cute Baby Bump” In Season 5

Kayce Dutton Yellowstone

Baby on the way…

As always with any Taylor Sheridan project, he likes to keep story secrets safe with him. Most of the time, the cast doesn’t even know what’s going on, and that’s the way the Yellowstone creator likes it.

However now that production is beginning on Season 5, and the actors are reviewing their scripts, the questions are heating up.

In a new interview with TV Insider, Kelsey was hesitant to divulge many details, especially what her co-star and Hollywood husband Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) meant about the “the end of us,” but she did share some news on Season 5.

And she’s definitely gonna look a little different next season:

“She’s going to have a cute baby bump… I think that’s all that I can say. I have started reading the scripts.”

But now that’s she’s started reading through the scripts, Kelsey admits that there’s a few people she’d like a little more screen time with. And of course, it’s Rip and Beth:

“It was really fun when we had the summer camp in Season 3 and interacting with all the bunkhouse boys and Rip (Cole Hauser).

I think that the scene in the shop is probably one of my favorite scenes with Kelly, and also just watching Kelly work is also just very inspiring to me as an actress.

We’ve got such a great ensemble, so it’s really fun. You want to get a chance to play with everyone.”

And while Kayce and Monica moved away from the Dutton Ranch in Season 4, their problems are nowhere near gone.

A handful of storylines from the upcoming season involve Monica, such as her impending love triangle with Kayce and Avery, what “I saw the end of us” meant, plans for Baby #2, and more.

And yeah, it’s not looking good…

But it also gets worse…

Unfortunately for her, fans are fed up with her character.

Earlier this year, Kevin Costner took to Instagram to share a picture of the iconic Dutton Ranch, and he asked fans:

What do you want to happen in season 5?

And there was a number of different answers, but one in particular had the most traction:

Goodbye Monica Dutton

Apparently, Yellowstone fans can’t stand Monica.

The wife of Kayce Dutton, and mother to John’s grandson Tate, Monica is public enemy number one in the Yellowstone world.

As far as Season 5 goes, a number of fans wanted to see Kayce leave her, and some cases, even wanted to see her dead.

“For Kayce’s wife to get shipped away forever.”

“A single Kayce to move back to the ranch

“I want Kayce to leave Monica.”

“Hopefully Monica moves far away and Kayce finds a real woman… not a ‘poor me’ victim.”

“Monica dies ! I’ve had enough of her now.”

Gee, tell me how you really feel…

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The two-part, 14 episode Yellowstone Season 5 is expected to premiere sometime in the late summer.

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