Dumb Tourists Approach Bison At Yellowstone National Park, Woman Filming Delivers A+ Commentary

Why? Just tell me why…

There are enough videos floating around of bison, elk and bear encounters gone wrong at national parks. And it never ceases to amaze me that these people don’t think these beasts are friendly.

This isn’t a petting zoo, that bison won’t think twice about running you right over… or worse, running a horn right through you.

The people filming this video are clearly aware of what is about to occur. Their camera is on and the woman is even narrating the events unfolding.

And the commentary is FANTASTIC:

“We’ve run into a Bison here and these stupid girls are approaching it”

Well, that about sums it up…

But it does get better. The woman who clearly knows her stuff, hits us with some cold hard facts.

“Ahh, Bison can run up to 30 miles per hour and gore you to death”

True story..

She continues on to say what we all are thinking.

“Smart, smart folks. I can’t believe we let some people into National Parks, any-who..”

The woman, clearly should have some popcorn because she might as well be watching a movie. She is going to let these people figure it out the hard way.

And that lesson is served pretty quickly.

The bison doesn’t like how close the Tourons are and takes a good run at them sending them fleeing for their lives.

The woman pretty sarcastically sums it up.

“Oh yeah, there ya go. That’s generally about the general level of intelligence we run across here.”

The people scatter and run for the hills… as they should. The bison carries on in just another day in the life of a wild animal in a national park.

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