Cody Cannon On The “Yellowstone Effect” After Whiskey Myers Was Featured In Season One: “We Thought We Were Gonna Get To Meet Kevin Costner”

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Whiskey Myers recently returned for a second appearance on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast.

Frontman Cody Cannon and guitarist John Jeffers talked everything from opening for the Rolling Stones at Soldier Field, to their forthcoming album Tornillo, as well as the insane Yellowstone effect after their track “Stone” was first featured on the show.

In fact, the whole band made an appearance on Yellowstone to play the song in a bar while Rip and Beth dance in Season one during episode four (one of the best scenes on the whole series, if we’re being honest).

Right after that episode (called The Long Black Train if you want to go back and rewatch it now) aired back in 2018, Whiskey Myers’ Mud record went #1 on the iTunes country chart, and Top 20 all genre, garnering them a swath of new fans from all over the country. They’ve had quite a few songs appear on the series since.

Cody says they never could’ve imagined the impact it would have on their career from that point on:

“It was pretty overwhelming, pretty life changing. We never had the opportunity to have a platform to reach millions and millions of people at one time, you know?

I mean, you have social media and stuff, but it’s just different to be on everybody’s TV at once. So we just never had that format, ever.

And then to get the reaction that we had, it’s just humbling, and you’re honored to kinda get that.”

He says they just thought they’d at least get to meet Kevin Costner… and that’s probably the same exact reason I’d have to wanna do it, too:

“We didn’t go into to it, though, thinking anything, man, honestly. We just thought we were gonna get to meet Kevin Costner.”

They decided to go for it after talking to creator Taylor Sheridan, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Except for the fact they didn’t actually get to meet Kevin because he wasn’t on set the day they filmed their scene:

“You know, Taylor Sheridan, I talked to him on the phone, and he kinda told me what the show was about and who was on it and stuff, and I was like, this sounds pretty cool.

And then, you know, we were talking about it and we were like, let’s go do it, maybe we’ll get to meet Kevin… hey, he wasn’t even there, but it worked out really good.”

Of course, timing is everything, and it all lined up perfectly when they agreed to do the episode:

“It was a good career move, but we were just happy to be apart of it.

It’s amazing that everybody kinda gravitated to it, it was just I guess the right moment, right show, right song, right band.”

That about sums it up perfectly…

Check out Cody explaining it himself here:

And here’s the Yellowstone music video for “Stone”:

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A beer bottle on a dock