Noah Thompson Brings Sundy Best’s “Painted Blue” To ‘American Idol’

Sundy Best, by God.

Quick rising American Idol superstar and fan favorite Noah Thompson might’ve put together his best performance on the show thus far…

While having COVID no less.

We’ve seen the Kentucky native put together some insanely good renditions of “Cover Me Up,” the SteelDrivers’ “Blue Side Of The Mountain,” Cam’s “Burning House,” and more.

And last night, he once again tipped the cap to the home state of Kentucky with a cover Sundy Best’s “Painted Blue.”

Released on the Kentucky-based duo’s 2014 Bring Up The Sun album, the song is one of the group’s most loved songs by fans.

If Thompson finds a way to win this thing, this may be one of the best comeback stories in American Idol history, as he was working construction, trying to make ends meet to support his girlfriend and baby son, until one of his co-workers convinced him to audition for the show.

And even if he doesn’t win, you just gotta love Sundy Best getting some prime time national exposure on a show like American Idol.

I’m not really one for any of these singing talent shows, but if contestants are gonna keep showing love to acts like Sundy Best, I’m here for it.

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