‘American Idol’ Contestant Impresses Judges With Performance Of The SteelDrivers’ “Blue Side Of The Mountain”

We’ve heard several singers that have grown up in Appalachia sing and talk about the hardships they all faced growing up, and how they practically only have two options when they graduate high school:

Get a full time job with hard labor, or go to the military.

That’s the exact predicament American Idol contestant Noah Thompson found himself in, as he took a job as a construction worker as soon as he graduated high school.

The 19-year-old Louisa, Kentucky native had to find a way to support his girlfriend and newborn son.

However, little did he know that he had an incredible talent…

The man can sing some damn good country music.

If it weren’t for a friend who convinced him to join the show, he probably would still be working hours on end in construction, and never even entertain the idea of singing full time.

Now, he’s found himself as a top-24 contestant on the show, and is arguably the best country act out there.

For last night’s episode, he pulled off an impressive and gritty rendition of The SteelDrivers’ hit, “Blue Side Of The Mountain.”

Written by Chris Stapleton and Mike Henderson, “Blue Side Of The Mountain” was the first track from their debut, self-titled album in 2008. Of course, Stapleton went on to become a solo superstar, but if you’re in the mood for more from Chris, definitely check out his earlier work with The SteelDrivers, as well as his rock stuff with the Jompson Brothers.

And keep an eye out on ol’ Noah, he might mess around and win the damn thing:

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