Zach Bryan Outdoes Himself Yet Again With The Release Of New Song, “Open The Gate”

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As we continue to the march toward May 20th 9should be a Federal Holiday), and the release of Zach Bryan’s debut major label studio album, American Heartbreak, Zach has once again given fans a taste of what’s to come.

And with over 30 songs on the new album, there’s a whole lot more coming.

Titled “Open The Gate,” it’s another solo write from Zach, and with those punchy guitar riffs and tasty fiddle licks, and it might be the most “Red Dirt” we’ve ever heard Zach.

And fun fact about Zach’s middle name:

But at the end of the day, if you need to get fired up, this bull ridin’ anthem is the one to do it.

Here’s a peek at the chorus:

“So open the gates
I’m here to prove
I’m better than my father was
And where he came from too
Open the gates
I’m here to ride
To Hell I Go
With daddy by my side…”

Zach previously released three single from the album, including “From Austin”“Highway Boys”, and two versions of the fan-favorite, “Something In The Orange.”

He also released a song called “Late July,” however that one doesn’t appear on the new album’s tracklist.

American Heartbreak has an extensive 30+ song tracklist, and will be released this month on May 20th.

American Heartbreak tracklist:

1. “Morning Time”
2. “Something in the Orange”
3. “Heavy Eyes”
4. “Mine Again”
5. “Happy Instead”
6. “Right Now the Best”
7. “The Outskirts”
8. “Younger Years”
9. “Cold Damn Vampires”
10. “Tishomingo”
11. “She’s Alright”
12. “You Are My Sunshine”
13. “Darling”
14. “Ninth Cloud”
15. “Oklahoma City”
16. “Sun To Me”
17. “Highway Boys”
18. “Whiskey Fever”
19. “Billy Stay
20. “Sober Side of Sorry”
21. “High Beams”
22. “The Good I’ll Do”
23. “Someday (Maggie’s)”
24. “Poems and Closing Time”
25. “From Austin”
26. “If She Wants a Cowboy”
27. “Corinthians (Proctor’s)”
28. “Open the Gate”
29. “Half Grown”
30. “No Cure”
31. “’68 Fastback”
32. “Blue
33. “Waterwell”
34. “This Road I Know”

Zach Bryan Performs “God Speed” Stagecoach

Helluva a weekend for Zach Bryan.

I mean, playing a show for thousands and thousands of people is one thing, but to meet the Mayor of Flavortown, Sir Guy Fieri?

Scratch that one off the bucket list…

In all seriousness, I tuned into the Stagecoach livestream to catch some of Zach’s set, and my dude straight up killed it.

“Highway Boys” hits a little different in the deserts of southern California…

Anyways, you can catch the whole thing on YouTube, but in the meantime, enjoy this performance video of “God Speed.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock