Zach Bryan Hits Fans With Surprise Release Of New Song, “Late July”

Samuel Elkins

Oh, he done did it…

My man has a brand new album, American Heartbreak, coming out next month (May 20th can’t get here soon enough), his first major label studio album, a whopping 34 songs, and he’s STILL out here dropping new ones that aren’t even on it.


He dropped a quick teaser the other day, but I’m not so sure fans were expecting it this soon.

Written and performed by Zach along with Eddie Spear, Louie Nice and Read Connelly, “Late July” seems to find Zach in the midst of this new road warrior lifestyle that has overtaken him now that he’s a full time touring musician.

But like all of our favorite artists, who trade time with their loved ones to come out and play shows for us, it takes a toll. And as great (and fun) as it is, most of the time, you’re just wishing you were on your way home.

At least, that’s my interpretation… take a look at the first verse and chorus:

“I heard life is what passes when you’re, too busy living,
And love is at its finest when times are hard,
May your lady always keep you from the, vices you’ve been after,
May the Lord always love you where you are,

I’m heading down the road I guess,
Another good time I’ll regret,
But I wish that I was coming home to you,
Late July, oh my, all in good time,
Praying that my girl is fine,
Sleeping in while rain falls on the roof…”

The man don’t miss..

“Late July”

Zach has previously released singles from the new project, “From Austin” and my own person jam of the month right now, “Highway Boys”, with plans to release “Something In The Orange” before album release day, as well.

Again, I ask… is it May 20th yet?

“From Austin”

“Highway Boys”

American Heartbreak Tracklist:

1. “Morning Time”
2. “Something in the Orange”
3. “Heavy Eyes”
4. “Mine Again”
5. “Happy Instead”
6. “Right Now the Best”
7. “The Outskirts”
8. “Younger Years”
9. “Cold Damn Vampires”
10. “Tishomingo”
11. “She’s Alright”
12. “You Are My Sunshine”
13. “Darling”
14. “Ninth Cloud”
15. “Oklahoma City”
16. “Sun To Me”
17. “Highway Boys”
18. “Whiskey Fever”
19. “Billy Stay
20. “Sober Side of Sorry”
21. “High Beams”
22. “The Good I’ll Do”
23. “Someday (Maggie’s)”
24. “Poems and Closing Time”
25. “From Austin”
26. “If She Wants a Cowboy”
27. “Corinthians (Proctor’s)”
28. “Open the Gate”
29. “Half Grown”
30. “No Cure”
31. “’68 Fastback”
32. “Blue
33. “Waterwell”
34. “This Road I Know”

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