Deranged Florida Golfer Shoots Man In The Ankle For Walking His Dog On The Golf Course

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You ever been so mad at somebody for doing nothing, that you want to shoot them?

Yeah, me neither.

However, this was the exact thought process of 74-year-old Robert Levine, who decided to shoot 64-year-old Herbert Merritt in the ankle for walking his dog along the 15th hole of Kings Point Golf Club in Delray Beach, Florida.

According to WPBF News, this is how Merritt explained the bizarre and potentially life-threatening situation:

“Merritt told deputies he was walking his dog on the grass next to the golf course when Levine rode up in his golf cart and began causing a verbal altercation with him due to having his dog on the golf course.

He then began shooting at him while Merritt was running away. Levine chased Merritt around a tree while continuing to shoot, Merritt said he shot about five rounds at him, according to the report and witnesses … he felt that Levine was trying to kill him.”

Witnesses, who called the police when the altercation unfolded, said the semi-automatic handgun police found wasn’t nearly enough:

“Witnesses told deputies they saw Levine kick Merritt in the head, go back to his cart and get a club and begin beating Merrit with the club while holding the gun in his left hand.

Deputies said they found shell casings on the ground and two golf clubs with what appeared to be blood on them.”

Merritt was taken to the hospital to treat his non-life-threatening injuries.

This is basically your basic old man who shakes his fists at kids who step on his lawn, just a golfer version… and psychotic.

Needless to say, gramps about to spend his golden year in jail… not on the golf course.

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