Watch Waylon Jennings And Hank Williams Jr. Perform “Mind Your Own Business” And “The Conversation” Back In 1988

Just imagine, the year is 1988, and you get home from a long day of work, grab a Budweiser out of the fridge, flip on the TV, and you see no other than Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams Jr. sitting down for an interview on the Tennessee News Network (TNN).

I was digging through the vaults and found this legendary video that appears to have been lost in time, as it features the two country music legends, and Merle Kilgore sitting down with Ralph Emery on Nashville Now back in November of ’88.

Nashville Now was an American talk show that ran from 1983-1998, and featured country music performers, similar to the style of The Tonight Show, and others.

You just don’t see this anymore.

Hell, you turn on CMT and all it is is a bunch of reruns of Reba (not saying there’s anything wrong with Reba), but I would love some country music content on “Country Music Television” every now and then.

Anyways, Waylon and Bocephus performed some stellar acoustic versions of Hank Sr.’s “Mind Your Own Business,” and Hank Jr. and Waylon’s “The Conversation.”

Written by Waylon and Hank Jr. along with Richie Albright, “The Conversation” was first featured on Hank Jr.’s iconic 1979 Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound album, and then also released on Waylon’s 1983 album Waylon and Company.

A music video was also released for the song, which was the first music video that Waylon ever filmed, and only the second ever for Hank Jr.

And of course, “Mind Your Own Business” was originally released in 1949 by Hank Sr., and later re-recorded by Hank Jr. in 1986.

Check it out:

And that great music video:

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