Midland And Jon Pardi Team Up For New Honky Tonk Heartbreaker “Longneck Way To Go”

This one will have you throwing back the longnecks between the tears.

When you see Midland and Jon Pardi on the same song, you know you’re in for some stone cold country. And that’s exactly what we got with the newest song from Midland’s upcoming The Last Resort: Greetings From.

“Longneck Way to Go” is a honky tonk heartbreak song about drowning your sorrows in longnecks until the bar closes:

“I got a long, longneck way to go
These heartbreak beers, they go down fast
But this gettin’ over you sure goin’ down slow
And it’s closin’ in on closin’ time
And I ain’t even close
I’ve got a long, longneck way to go”

Midland’s Cam Duddy talked about teaming up with Pardi for the song:

“Sometimes killin’ the pain is a team sport, so when we were listening to ‘Longneck Way To Go,’ we thought bringing in Jon Pardi would ramp up the drink-til-you-drop of it all, because he loves those drinking and heartbreak songs as much as we do.”

And for Pardi, the song fits perfectly with his breezy Bakersfield sound style of country:

“There aren’t many groups – or artists – who love the same real hard kind of country. But Midland can go lick for lick, longneck for longneck or Haggard for Haggard – so when they asked if I wanted to come sing this with them, I was all in. This is the kind of country that not only honors the past but remembers that California kind of country I was raised on.”

And according to Midland lead singer Mark Wystrach, the two artists had undeniable chemistry in the studio:

“Jon knows his way around a rodeo and Bakersfield. He’s our kind of country. His voice cuts through a track like this; you know it’s him and you wanna sing along. He’s perfect for ‘Longneck Way To Go.’”

Midland’s The Last Resort: Greetings From album drops May 6, but for now this is a good little taste of what’s to come.

Perfect song to head into the weekend throwing back some a longneck or 12.

Gotta agree with Jon on this one: Everything about it is fucking awesome.

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A beer bottle on a dock