Throwback To Flatland Cavalry’s Cleto Cordero And Kaitlin Butts Singing “A Life Where We Work Out” At Billy Bob’s

There ain’t a single bad song that Flatland Cavalry’s released, but there’s just something that hits different with their 2016 Humble Folks album.

If you haven’t listened to the band before, I highly suggest starting with this record, because I’ll guarantee you’ll get hooked instantly.

From “Traveler’s Song,” to “A Good Memory,” from “Tall City Blues” to “February Snow,” shoot, the whole damn track-list, it’s a good one.

A huge fan favorite from this album is “A Life Where We Work Out,” which is a duet with Flatland front man Cleto Cordero, and his now wife and fellow country singer, Kaitlin Butts.

It’s a great song about imagining the life you’d love to live with your significant other, and eases the soul. Except for some reason, it doesn’t work out… or does it?

I suppose it’s depends on how you want to see it…

With that being said, I was digging through the vaults and found this gem from back in 2017, of Cleto and Kaitlin singing an acoustic version of the song together at the world’s largest honky-tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas.

At the time the two weren’t even engaged yet, and fast-forward five years, they’re happily married.

Not to mention, Kaitlin just dropped her sophomore album What Else Can She Do last week, and it’s already in the running for favorite album of 2022.

Check it out:

And speaking of Kaitlin, “Blood” will knock you on your ass.

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