Go Inside Kacey Musgraves’ Stunning Nashville Home

Kacey Musgraves is taking us on a tour of her stunning Nashville home.

She recently opened up to Architectural Digest for a segment of their Open Door series, showing off all the monochrome features and perfect decor inside of the place she bought in 2020, around the same time she announced her divorce from Ruston Kelly.

She said she tried to embrace a minimalistic style for this home, but has quite a few pieces included in the design that she’s collected throughout the years from her travels, as well as estate sales.

Her most unique decor item, though, comes from the one and only Willie Nelson:

“I’ve got a framed joint from Willie Nelson. That’s gonna stay there unless I need to break it in case of an emergency.”

Another cool piece she showed off was her new Martin guitar from the 1860’s, that came with a rattlesnake tale inside of it when she got it. Apparently, it was an old superstitious thing with musicians that they’d always put one in their guitar, because they thought it would bring them song luck.

Kacey takes you through pretty much every room in the house, from her beautiful kitchen, to her bar area, to her bedroom and the guest bedrooms, and it’s one of the most immaculate homes I’ve ever seen.

Along the way, she explains where a lot of the design inspirations and pieces came from, which is a cool peak inside her life that she typically keeps pretty private.

Unfortunately, though, we didn’t get to see inside her closet, which I’m sure might even be more incredible than the house itself somehow…

If you’re obsessed with HGTV and home design, this video is well worth a watch.

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