Yellowstone Prequel 1883: Go Behind The Scenes Of Episode 5, “The Fangs Of Freedom”

Yellowstone has brought us yet another behind the scenes look from the 1883 spinoff series, documenting Episode Five, titled “The Fangs of Freedom.”

Sam Elliott immediately details how much each death of the settlers weighs on his character Shea, as him and LaMonica Garrett’s character Thomas main goal is to protect all of the settlers on their journey.

Isabel May, who plays Elsa Dutton, also talks about her conversation with her mother, Margaret (Faith Hill), as they finally have the sex talk, while she’s falling in love with Ennis.

When Elsa finally makes the move with Ennis and Margaret catches them, Elsa stands her ground, and Isabel May discussed the importance of the scene:

“That’s Elsa, her strength of character is pretty remarkable. She refuses to allow people to put her down.”

The episode then transitions to Elsa telling Ennis that she wants to get married, which leads to James (Tim McGraw) attacking Ennis, because he found out about the sexual relations between the two.

Eric Nelson, who plays Ennis, explains that James thinks he’s just trying to take advantage of Elsa, but he genuinely loves her.

The episode also documents the bandit attack on the settlers, and how everybody at camp had to risk their lives in order to keep all of the settlers alive, and proceed on their trek out west.

Check it out:

1883 Star Sam Elliott Says He Doesn’t Watch Yellowstone

Say what you want about Sam Elliott, the guy is a straight shooter.

He recently made headlines on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast for tearing apart Jane Campion’s The Power Of The Dog, a Netflix film that received 12 Academy Awards nominations.

He called the film a “piece of shit,” among other things, referencing the allusions of homosexuality throughout the film, the “evisceration” of the American West,” and also questioned Jane Campion’s credibility for directing a movie about the American West, considering she’s from New Zealand (she also filmed it there even though the movie was set in Montana).

Needless to say, the rest of Hollywood wasn’t happy…

But, Sam Elliott tells it like it is… no matter what.

In fact, in that very same podcast, he went on to say that he doesn’t watch Yellowstone at all.

Yep, one of the stars of the prequel series 1883, doesn’t even watch the show that led to its creation (he also confessed that he turned down a small role in Yellowstone).

But, his reasoning for not being into it is one that we’ve heard before… it’s too much like Dallas.

“I’m not a Yellowstone fan, I don’t watch Yellowstone… I love Costner, there’s a lot of good people on the cast, a few of them I’ve worked with before, nothing against any of them but it’s just too much like fucking ‘Dallas’ or something for me… too much shit. Too much of that for me.”

Ouch… not exactly a ringing endorsement for his pal Taylor Sheridan.

And remember, Sam has called Taylor Sheridan a “genius” on more than one occasion, has called 1883 one of the most incredible sets he’s ever worked on… but hey, he doesn’t like Yellowstone.

Unapologetic honesty… you gotta love it.

He’s the guy you ask when you want a friend that won’t bullshit you. Is my new truck ugly? Do these jeans make me look like a doofus? I just painted the house, wanna come over and check it out?

Although, if you invite him over for Thanksgiving, he’s also the guy that tells you the turkey is drier than sawdust so pick your spots.

That being said, he didn’t like his hat from 1883 either.

“I had a hat on this fucking show… a friend of mine who just passed a couple weeks ago, he started a costume company… and his take on the whole whole fucking thing with westerns, he did John Wayne films forever is it all starts with the hat, and it does.

In a western the hat is part of that. And we didn’t get the fucking hat until we got down there in Texas and it was a mistake because we got pushed into a box where we had to settle for a hat

And it was a fucking hat that didn’t fit me. The fuckin’ hat was too loose on me. It was a hat that just didn’t fit.

I remember talking to Taylor on the phone and he said ‘we’ll try a million hats on if we have to, you’ll have the right hat, don’t worry about.’ And I got down there and it didn’t happen. “

But I made it work, I just got into it and figured you know, Shea’s got a fucked up hat, that’s all… not my favorite hat.”

I mean, I always thought it looked a little big on him… glad to know I’m not the only one.

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