Sam Elliott Admits He Turned Taylor Sheridan Down For ‘Yellowstone’ Prior To His Role In ‘1883’

Sam Elliott 1883 Yellowstone

Not gonna lie, when I first started watching Yellowstone, I fully expected Sam Elliott to make an appearance at some point during the show.

I mean seriously, the man has basically played the cowboy role in just about every movie and show he’s played in, and I thought he would’ve been the clear cut favorite to join the cast.

Of course, he eventually joined the Yellowstone family, as he plays Shea Brennan on 1883.

However, to my surprise, Elliott actually was a favorite of Taylor Sheridan for a role in Yellowstone, but the actor turned him down, according to the latest episode of The Official Yellowstone Podcast.

Sitting down with host Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom), and said:

“Taylor (Sheridan) reached out to me over a year ago about doing a little thing on Yellowstone… I passed on it but during that time that he made that offer to me, we started talking.

I’d never crossed paths with him before, I’d certainly seen his work, stuff that he’s written… I watched ‘Sons Of Anarchy,’ I knew him as an actor. I first discovered him as a writer on ‘Sicario’ and I thought ‘wow how can one guy have so many talents going for him.’”

He admitted he couldn’t resist any longer:

“But to get an opportunity to work with Taylor and do this piece of work, it’s always been about, I shouldn’t say always but in the beginning, I would’ve done anything…

But at some point, I made the conscious decision, if I wanted to have a career or tried to do good work and good work for me has always been born on the page first, so it’s always about the script.

This guy (Taylor Sheridan) we’re talking about is brilliant writer, he’s a genius of sorts I suspect, that’s why I’m here.”

Well thank the Good Lord he had a change of heart, because the man has played a great part as Shea Brennan in 1883 so far, as he provides protection and care for the settlers who are making their trek out west.

Of course, the show will be wrapping up Season 1 in the next couple weeks, and while we’re not sure about a renewal for Season 2 quite yet, it’s all but guaranteed that the Taylor Sheridan universe isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Yellowstone on the other hand, has officially been renewed for Season 5.

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