The 2022 Minnesota High School All-Hockey Hair Team Video Is HERE

It’s the best time of year for hockey fans and hair enthusiasts alike, as the 2022 Minnesota High School All-Hockey Hair Team is officially HERE.

Now living in the southeast my whole life, I’m not too familiar with hockey, or good hair in general, as my barber broke the heart shattering news to me a while back that my hair physically can’t grow out into a mullet, but I can admire some locks and give credit where it’s due.

In case you aren’t familiar, these are the best flows, or “salads,” or “lettuce,” as they like to call it in Minisoda (how I imagine people from Minnesota pronounce it), and the money raised from the All Hockey Hair Team video goes to the Hendrickson Foundation, which supports sled, special, military, and blind hockey in the state.

This year, we have mullets, bleached flows, skull flows, ‘staches (I would’ve done some bad shit to be able to grow a ‘stache in high school), and even a guy who looks more like Teen Wolf than Michael J. Fox did in the movie himself.

Without further a do…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock