Miranda Lambert On Letting Her Music Do The Talking: “I’ve Never Counted On My Hair, My Makeup And My Boobs To Get Me Over”

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Miranda Lambert is officially the ACM Awards reigning Entertainer of the Year.

Although, she couldn’t be there in person, as she was overseas prepping for her C2C festival appearance, she accepted the award via a video call, noting that she was dedicating the award to:

“All the singer-songwriter girls out there that are putting their blood, sweat and tears into their guitar strings.”

That EOTY award brings her ACM Awards total to 38, in addition to her already being the most decorated artist in ACM’s history.

She recently sat down for an interview with Pollstar prior to the show, where she talked a little bit about her journey in the music business so far and how she’s been able to stay at the forefront of mainstream country music for so many years.

And of course, in the music business (especially country music), there’s often an expectation that women have to look or act a certain way in order to make it. Unfortunately, even today, there’s still some of that in Nashville, especially when it comes to signing with a major label.

Miranda’s managed to go from playing small bars and honky tonks in Texas to selling an impressive 2.7 million tickets in total since she got started… but it’s because she’s connected with people, both men and women, all over the world through the honesty and authenticity in her music, and nothing else.

She says it’s been her life’s work, and she’s made sure to do it the right way:

“I’ve put my life in my songs… and I’ve never counted on my hair, my makeup and my boobs to get me over.

I’ve always used my guitar. A guitar and a real stubborn head will get you a long, long way.”

And that is the God’s honest truth (and some really great advice for any girl chasing a dream).

Her talent goes far and beyond her outward appearance, and she knows it. She admits that her ability to talk about real life and all of her experiences have been the key to her success:

“I feel like the girls I’m singing to, or even the people listening, are people just like me. Men or women, they’ve made their mistakes; they go through things, high and low.

So, I tell stories for everyone who can’t. I’m kinda representing all of us.”

Well, that, and the fact that she always keeps us on our toes. I mean, if she wasn’t just a little bit crazy, it’d be too vanilla to really work the way it has long-term (and just plain boring):

“Who doesn’t want to be part of a ball of fire? The emotional, moody, crazy part is part being with a women who excites you.

You’d be surprised all the boys with their great big beers singing every word of ‘Hell On Heels.'”

And that is why she’s the Entertainer of the Year after 17 long years… she’s the total package, and she always gives everything she does 110%. You don’t get to be a mega star like her by half-assing anything.

She’s also gearing up to release a new album this year, after winning a Grammy for her 2019 record Wildcard, and is nominated for another one for her collaborative record with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram on the Marfa Tapes.

Her recent single, “If I Was a Cowboy” presents a message that sums up everything about her career over the last couple decades… she’s a cowgirl and a country queen:

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