Guy Throws Rocks At Car, Car Turns Around and Launches Him TO THE MOON

There’s virtually no context here but let me set the scene real quick and then we can just get to the video.

We’re coming to you right here in Chicago in front of Jimmy D’s Body and Fender Shop on Western, not all that far from where the popular Showtime show Shameless takes places.

Anyways, you got this bozo hurling rocks at cars as they drive down the road and the video picks up with him air-mailing one over a silver Ford.

But then, when he unloads another rock (which may or may not have hit the car) our driver pulls a dangerous u-turn, almost smacks right into another car, hops on the sidewalks and runs this rock-throwing clown clean over.

He hit him so hard he flipped into the air like Simone Biles.

Word to the wise… don’t mess with people’s cars.

Especially if they’re crazier than you.

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Of course, they handle things a little differently in Idaho.

A good old-fashioned dust up, quickly determine the winner, quit before someone gets seriously hurt, shake hands, and get back the car before the cops come.

No throwing rocks, no mowing down people with cars… just good, clean fisticuffs.

Take notes road ragers…

THIS is how it’s done.

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A beer bottle on a dock