Florida Man Blames Vladimir Putin After He’s Pulled Over For Speeding And Running A Stop Sign

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With all that’s going on over in Ukraine right now amidst the Russia invasion, and Russia’s escalating threats against the rest of the world, it’s only natural that it’s got people around the world on edge.

Apparently even Florida Man.

According to body cam footage released by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, a Florida man who was pulled over for speeding and running a stop sign on February 24 had an interesting explanation for his bad driving:

It was Russian president Vladimir Putin’s fault.

The deputy walks up to the car and tells the man he was going 50 in a 30 and had ran a stop sign, and the man presents a variety of excuses. First, he says he just got the car and that he was trying to get it out of sport mode. Then he tries to blame another driver, saying he saw another car coming and he was trying to get out in front of them.

But finally he decides to come clean about the real reason he was in such a hurry:

“To tell you the truth guy, I just found out that Putin just said he’s gonna launch nuclear thermal war against the world and I was trying to get back to my house to find out what’s going on. I’m freaking out here guy.”

I mean, Putin’s probably one of the most hated men in the world right now, so why not try to throw him under the bus a little bit more?

At the same time though, you’ve got grandmas over in the Ukraine walking up to Russian soldiers to hand them sunflower seeds so that flowers grow when they die, men picking up live landmines with cigarettes in their mouth, and farmers hitching Russian tanks to their tractor and hauling them away.

Yet you’re thousands of miles away in sunny Florida and YOU’RE the one that’s scared? Come on Florida Man, pull yourself together.

There’s no word on whether the officer bought the man’s explanation or whether he got a ticket regardless of his fears of nuclear war.

But man, when you’ve even got Florida Man scared of you, you know you must be doing some crazy shit.

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