VIDEO: Ukrainian Farmer Drives Off With Russian Tank Attached To His Tractor

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There are two things I’ve learned about Ukrainians since Russia invaded Kyiv last week:

1. They have balls of steel and won’t back down to anything or anybody without a fight.

2. They got some country folk over there too.

A video has gone viral of a Ukrainian farmer hooking a Russian tank (it’s not really a tank, it’s technically a MT-LB used to transport soldiers and cargo) to his tractor, and driving off with it with a 100% intention of taking it home with him as a souvenir.

There is some speculation that the tractor is being driven by a Russian soldier, and the dude running after him as the farmer, but the video that supports that argument features an entirely different tractor.

Therefore, I’m going with Ukrainian farmer steals Russian tank.

Ukrainian Man Goes Viral Removing Russian Landmine From Road

The resolve of the Ukrainian people is flat-out inspiring.

Whether it’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy staying behind to lead the defense of his country, the stories (whether true or not) of the ace pilot dubbed the Ghost Of Kyiv, who’s single-handedly taken down six Russian fighters, the woman with the sunflower seeds, or the 13 people who reportedly died (however they now are saying they may be alive) defending Snake Island with a defiant “go fuck yourself” to a Russian gunship.

It’s clearly of tragic, horrific, and downright evil situation at the hands of Vladimir Putin, one that is and will continue to have devastating consequences for the innocent people of Ukraine, but if anything, it shows you what a united group of people can do (with great leadership) in the face of disaster.

We here in the United States (emphasis on United) could probably use a lesson on what it looks like to come together and truly be a “united group of people.

Needless to say, these folks in Ukraine have some big brass ones, perhaps none bigger than this dude who was filmed removing a Russian landmine from the road and casually walking it into a field, just ripping a cig while he’s at it.

To be fair, there’s a lot of bullshit in the internet right now, a lot of old videos going viral purporting to be modern-day acts of heroism, but from what I can gather, it seems to be recent. I can’t find any evidence of it being posted in the past.

It appears to be an anti-tank mine, which can create quite a large explosion, but also usually require a decent amount of weight to set it off. Still, you won’t catch me picking one up.

I’m not sure what the hell he’s gonna do with it, maybe walk it all the way to Moscow, but damn if this invasion hasn’t shown us that Ukrainians aren’t a different breed of badass.

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