Coyotes Eat Tangled Buck Alive, Hunters Able To Rescue The Other Buck

A group of men in a field

Wildlife never ceases to amaze. Predators especially.

With their abilities to take down prey and capitalize when they are in vulnerable positions it is simply amazing what they can do.

Still, it sucks when you see a nice buck that gets taken down by these animals. We would like to be the only things chasing them out there. It also sucks more when they get the deer at a disadvantage.

This video starts with a hazy view of a coyote standing in a field. The guys in the video talk about what is going on as the video pans away.

That’s when you see a buck with loads of fight dragging around… another buck? That’s not moving at all.

As the pieces come together and you can tell the deer is ripped apart, the guys talk about how there were three coyotes on the deer.

“Alright, do you wanna walk out there or what?”

The video goes to the men approaching the two deer. The living one is going wild.

Which should be expected after he literally watched his opponent get eaten alive.

The men get close enough and one gets ahold of the dead deer. He claws his way up to get control of he living one. They get ahold of it and three men try to pry the antlers that are locked apart. The dead deer has been mauled and almost seems to rip apart throughout the event. They struggle for a few minutes.

These guys did not have an easy job at all. They were locked in.

“Holy smokes, he got into him good”

Finally, they realize that pulling on it just like the deer had for hours won’t work. With no tools other than man power, they came up with another plan.

“Can you come and rotate the head of the dead deer down and around”

“Man, those coyotes just feasted on this thing”

As they get a good twist on it, there is finally some movement. The live deer pops off and takes off as fast as he can. Fair enough.

This is a very rare situation. To see two bucks locked up is rare, then to that coyotes took down one of them during the altercation.

Once in a lifetime experience.

It’s amazing that this was all captured on video.

But for the live deer… can you imagine watching these three coyotes chow down on the other deer, ass first, knowing that you’re probably next? Lucky for him, these hunters got there before he could become the next course.

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