Chiefs Defensive Back Chris Lammons Is Wanted For Involvement In Alvin Kamara’s Vegas Altercation

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It’s been a few short weeks since we learned the news that New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara brutally assaulted a man in Las Vegas, and was arrested immediately after the Pro Bowl.

Now, we’re learning there may be other NFL players involved in the case too.

According to CBS 8 News Now, Kansas City Chiefs defensive back and special teamer Chris Lammons was also involved in the altercation that occurred the night before the Pro Bowl on the Vegas strip.

According to the police report, the victim, Darrell Greene, claims Kamara put his hand on his chest to keep him from getting on an elevator.

Greene says that after he pushed Kamara’s hand away from him, someone shoved him, and then he was jumped by a number of people including Kamara. When police officers looked at the surveillance footage, it confirmed Greene’s story and they arrested Kamara.

After a reported 23 stomps and nine punches from four attackers, Greene lost consciousness and sustained a fractured orbital bone on his right eye. He may require surgery.

Two of the three men involved in the altercation alongside Kamara were arrested by police last Thursday night, and Lammons is the third they were looking for.

Kamara told police during an interview at the stadium for the Pro Bowl that he remembers Greene calling one of his friends ugly and when the fight broke out, he only punched him because he thought he was running away. He says he “doesn’t remember” if he punched Greene when he was on the ground.

However, according to the police, video surveillance seems to dispute his account.

Greene suffered a broken eye socket and a ton of bruising from the incident, and the Saints running back has been charged with felony assault causing bodily harm.

Two of the other 3 men involved in the altercation were arrested by Las Vegas police this week, and Lammons is reportedly the third that they’re searching for.

The 26-year-old Lammons played for the University of South Carolina before being signed as an undrafted free agent by the Falcons. He spent the 2018 season on the practice squads for the Falcons and the Saints.

He played for the Dolphins most of 2019, a tenure that included a game-sealing interception against the Philadelphia Eagles on a Hail Mary pass from Carson Wentz.

Lammons was waived by the Dolphins late in the season and added to the Chiefs roster shortly after, where he has rotated between practice squad and the active roster. He played in 4 games with the Chiefs during the 2021-2022 season, with his last active game coming on November 21, 2021 against the Dallas Cowboys.

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