Video Surveillance Confirms Alvin Kamara (And Friends) Beat Man Unconscious, Fractured His Eye Socket

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Sorry Saints fans… it’s not looking good…

This past Sunday, right after the Pro Bowl, New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara was arrested after allegedly beating the hell out of someone at a Las Vegas nightclub on Saturday night.

According to LVMPD, police arrived at a Las Vegas hospital to file a report for battery and subsequently arrested Kamara as the culprit. He was booked on the charge of battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Kamara was in Las Vegas for the Pro Bowl, which he played in, catching 4 passes or 23 yards.

However, more details have since emerged, including the injuries of the victim, and it looks like Alvin and company put a hurtin’ on him.

According to, the victim’s name is Darnell “Squirt Buck” Greene, and he claims Kamara put his hand on his chest to keep him from getting on an elevator.

Greene says that after he pushed Kamara’s hand away from him, someone shoved him, and then he was jumped by a number of people including Kamara. When police officers looked at the surveillance footage, it confirmed Greene’s story and they arrested Kamara.

After a reported 23 stomps and nine punches from four attackers, Greene lost consciousness and sustained a fractured orbital bone on his right eye. He may require surgery.

Kamara told police (at the stadium) he remembers Greene calling one of his friends ugly and when the fight broke out, he only punched him because he thought he was running away. He says he “doesn’t remember” if he punched Greene when he was on the ground.

He admitted to hitting him several times.

If convicted, Kamara could be facing up to five years in prison.

Here’s a look at Kamara’s mugshot, along with the injuries of the victim:

Looks like Sean Payton picked the right time to bounce…

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