Kip Moore’s Unreleased “Just One Beer” Is One Of The Best One-Night Stand Songs I’ve Heard In A Long Time

Kip Moore country music

Just when I thought there wasn’t another unreleased Kip Moore song I could fall in love with…

There’s a new one I stumbled on called “Just One Beer” that you need to hear.

We know he has a new album in the works (likely coming this summer), and he just released the fan-favorite track “Crazy One More Time” as a single to country radio after it was first featured as a deep cut on his debut album Up All Night 10 years ago.

But if you need something to hold you over until we officially get some new music from Kip like I do, this is IT. I mean, the song really sounds like it should’ve been included on his 2018 Room To Spare acoustic EP.

It’s a classic Kip song in terms of the lyrics and theme, with Kip playing the bad boy at a bar as he poetically tries to convince a girl he met there to let him buy her a beer, even though it’s clearly not something that will last beyond a one night stand:

We could hide on the edge of darkness
Behind the cigarette smoke
Don’t sweat your reputation
Baby no one gotta to know
We may come from world’s apart
But right now we’re both here
So tell me what’s it gonna hurt
If I buy you just one beer”

I know it’s too late for him to be taking any requests, but damn… I really hope we get a studio version of this one sometime in the future:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock