Kip Moore Asks Fans Which Underground Songs They Want Recorded And I Have Some Ideas

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Kip Moore is officially taking requests for what could potentially be a forthcoming album, though nothing has been officially announced yet. However, as he put it, “new things are coming.”

He first tweeted this at the end of March:

And more recently, this:

I can only assume (and hope) it means there’s a new project or something in the works. And, since he’s asking, I’m here to give a few ideas.

It’s incredible to think he has multiple amazing songs just waiting to be put on an album, but I narrowed it down to seven I really love and think he should consider formally recording for our listening pleasure.

I already know I inevitably left some great ones off the list, but here’s what I came up with:


“Tellin’ On My Heart”

“Lil Mama”

“Wild Mustangs”

“Reason to Believe”

“New York City”

“Two Night Stand”

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A beer bottle on a dock